How we approach investing.

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Investment Requirements

Long-term Investing

We are not an investment fund with a finite life. That is, we do not build businesses with the intention of winding up, selling, breaking apart or otherwise exiting from the work that is undertaken. We invest for the long term.

Company Ownership

We are a direct, equity investor. We seek a majority ownership position and with this, develop significant equity participation to the entrepreneurs, inventors, managers, and others whose intellect, expertise, and energy are relied upon to make each investment a success.

Investment Industries

We invest in numerous industries and focus on businesses that have the potential to significantly change the markets in which they participate.

Submitting a Business Plan

Do you need help to develop your innovative business to its fullest potential? We can help, and we would like to know more. Here are some questions you’ll need to answer to get things started:

  • Which development stage of the business are you currently pursuing and are there any significant achievements or development milestones that you have met?
  • What is the primary product and/or service?
  • What is your perceived target market for this product and/or service?
  • Describe your management team and the relevance of their backgrounds to the business.
  • What is your sales and marketing strategy?
  • What is your financial history (where applicable) and projected financial statements?
  • What is the amount of capital and current capital structure of which you are requesting?

A business plan can help.

A carefully considered business plan can serve as a veritable road map to success for a company and its employees—helping everyone to stay focused when striving to achieve goals. It can also be reviewed and revised when necessary, allowing those operating the company to keep the strategies that work, eliminate those that don’t, and change objectives as the business evolves.

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Brick buildings on State Street in Erie, PA

Regional Resources

Erie, Pennsylvania is located at the junction of I-90 and I-79, allowing for easy ground travel to Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Erie is also home to Tom Ridge International Airport, with daily arrivals and departures of commercial and non-commercial flights. Businesses can also take advantage of Erie’s maritime roots, and easily transport goods by way of Lake Erie to markets along the Great Lakes or around the globe.

In addition, the SB3 Industrial Park offers acreage of space, including an office building overlooking Lake Erie and manufacturing facilities that can be custom designed to fit the specific needs of any company. This site is also available for new construction.

High Performance Work Teams

Today’s competitive business environment demands increased productivity, better quality, shortened response times, and lower costs. We meet these demands by replacing hierarchical boss/subordinate relationships with empowered high-performance work teams.

In our workplace, people are not managed, controlled or supervised. Our people compose teams that are led by a mutual vision of an organization’s purpose and goals. These teams outperform individuals, especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgements, and expertise. They are able to work across organizational boundaries, breakdown internal barriers, and deal with people and issues directly.

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